SHORT FILM | 2019 | 18 mins

' A delicate, beautifully calibrated film. ' Coky Giedroyc

' There is much to love about every aspect of Barraclough’s observation on love, loss and fleeting moments of illusory bliss. The whole thing plays out like someone’s idealised, glimmering memories from years ago, the actual event of which was less than poetic.' Indie Shorts Mag

WINNER - BEST SHORT - British Independent Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTION - British Independent Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Swindon Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Cell Adore Film Festival

WINNER - BEST SHORT - Rainbow Umbrella Festival

WINNER - BEST ACTRESS - Florence Film Awards

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Rainbow Umbrella Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Little Wing Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTION - LiftOff Online Festival


"You said you always wore orange because your name was Clementine, and that I didn’t, because it was mine."

Clem is returning to her childhood home.  


After almost seven years away, it is not only the funeral of her once stepfather that is bringing her back,

but what she is running away from and who she is returning to; her old step-sister Clémentine. 


The women haven’t seen each other since they were separated, but what tore them apart as teenagers is now pulling Clem back. 

Directed by Laurie Barraclough
Written by Frankie Meredith & Laurie Barraclough

Starring Isabella Speaight & Molly Murphy

Producers - Isabella Speaight & Molly Murphy
Cinematographer - Ernest Tu
Editor - Catriona Delbridge
Original Score - Georgina Hay
Sound Designers - Julia Hardecka & Sean Mahoney
Production Designer - Sophie Earthroll

Photography - Flora Thomas 
Hair & Make-up Designer - Madeleine Ellis

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