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There is much to love about every aspect of Barraclough’s observation on love, loss and fleeting moments of illusory bliss. The whole thing plays out like someone’s idealised, glimmering memories from years ago, the actual event of which was less than poetic.

Indie Shorts Mag

A delicate, beautifully calibrated film.

Coky Giedroyc

Delicately tender and intimate, the relationship between these two is slowly teased out throughout the short and is done in such a way that we are able to feel the history between them. The film boasts a majority female crew behind camera and the framing of these sisters and their relationship demonstrates this eye.


The result is this gorgeous, delicate story of a young girl seeking solace in the form of birdwatching. The short, aptly titled Birdwatcher, is a peaceful and rather uplifting look at the effects of grief and loss, and how the simple things in life can heal us. Made with a low budget, it’s impressive to see how this filmmaking team has pulled together to create something rather special, featuring a wonderful lead performance, stunning visuals and a beautiful soundtrack from folk-pop artist Wyldest.


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