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Kink is the proof of concept/pilot for an anthology series in development. You can read the first press release here.

Kinked was created by Freya Mavor (Skins, Industry) and is a co-production with Pietro Greppi's Lunapark Pictures. Greppi’s Lunapark was a BFI Vision awardee in 2020, and recently produced Peter Strickland’s Berlinale 2022 selection Flux Gourmet. 

The proof-of-concept stars Thalissa Teixera (Ragdoll, Trigonometry) Fehinti Balogun (Dune, I May Destroy Yoo) & Stanley Townsend (Informer, Sherlock) & was shot by Tim Sidell (I Hate Suzie). 

Kinked explores different people's
relationship towards kink, intimacy and sexuality across various key stages of life.

Kinked will cast light on stories, bodies and voices often kept in the shadows of popular culture, the ambition being to open dialogues and perspectives around pathologised subjects and the larger cultural narratives surrounding them.

KINKED: Project
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