Written and directed by Freya Mavor

Kink is the first chapter of an arthouse anthology feature film in development, which explores underrepresented tales of desire, intimacy and sexuality - casting light on stories, bodies and voices that are often kept in the shadows of popular culture.

It tells a story of female desire, loss and longing, following a woman processing a recent bereavement, exploring her sexuality and the world of kink as a means of processing grief, as well as embracing joy. Alongside interrogating questions of agency, power and identity within her own life, she is confronted with an unsettling, inexplicable, haunting presence in her home.

We want to put female desire at the forefront of this story, and explore its complexities outside of a heteronormative lens. To talk about sex or kink without any need for gratuitous exposition, showing instead how intimacy and emotions are entwined around these themes. Through exploring our protagonists’ desires and choices in a tender and non-judgemental manner, we see how sexuality can be a complex, psychologically rich act of communication, as well as a space of liberation and healing.  

Kink is currently in development.